Fluid Zoho Artform No. 1 — Animatronics Sculpture of Many Movements

09 Mar

Meet, Zoho Artform No. 1.  Perish the thought; Zoho is of no relations to 3CPO.  Yes, the Star Wars audio-animatronics was superbly intelligent; but, Zoho Artform No. 1 makes no attempt to vocalize his intelligence.  Why bother talking when one has smooth lithe movements that are downright impressive?

Mark Ho congruently models human movement with his animatronics, Zoho Artform No. 1.  Perched on a magnetic base which can be activated or deactivated, and composed of bronze and stainless steel, Zoho has 920 hand-made parts.  Of the 920 parts, 101 parts are movable.  The ratio of moveable parts to actual number of parts seems about right—considering that it takes nine muscles and three hand nerves just to control the human thumb.   Zoho parallels human movement like no other animatronics and his 920 parts allow him to take on just about any human position. 

Because of his many moveable parts, Zoho is able to point his finger, bend his knees, arch his back and take on an incredible number of human stances.  In this stance of the back flip, Zoho seems caught in movement rather than placed in position.

 And in this seated position, Zoho arguably rivals Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker in capturing a human in deep thought. Zoho’s many moveable parts allow him to take on even the slightest human movements, making his poses seem more fluid and life-like.  Even though Zoho is composed of steel and bronze, one does not think robot when gazing at him but rather one thinks human in motion.  

You may want to hurry if you wish to obtain Zoho because the ownership club is quite exclusive.  Mark Ho has created only 25 Zoho Artform No. 1 sculptures.  Should you decide to join this exclusive ownership club, Zoho will cost you somewhere above $50, 000.  Think you can make Zoho do 50,000 different poses?  Get one and let us know!


Link to the Zoho Artforms official site:

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