The Quenttin, Exclusive Sophistication

11 Mar

At 56 x 47 millimeters, the Quenttin is slightly larger than the average man’s watch.  In its defense though, the watch has plenty to offer and ought to strut its stuff in a big way.  Classy women and sophisticated men alike can carry off this very exquisite watch that reminisces of a previous watch, the 1974 Swissonic by Jaz Derby. Still, one should not be side tracked by the comparison to the Swissonic, because there is nothing outdated about The Quenttin by Jacob & Co.  Furthermore,  only the Cabestan can compete with it.

Displayed through a sapphire crystal case are seven barrels.  These seven barrels roll vertically to give The Quenttin a 744-hour power reserve.  Awesome! A full month of power in reserve!  Mechanical movement in The Quenttin is regulated by a Swiss anchor mounted in a tourbillon case which does not use rollers and is vertically suspended.  The escapement is operated by an integrated key, an external hand key or motorized in the box.   This means that the tourbillon can be fine tuned manually or the on/off key can be used to set up the time.  The Quenttin is a 40-jeweled watch thus precision movement will be ongoing for an extraordinarily long time.  Typically, manual watches used 7 jewels and most Rolexes have only 25 jewels!

The day, hour and minutes are displayed behind the sapphire crystal display case and on vertically rotating wheels which are aligned on a coaxial.  The proud owner has a choice of either an 18 karat white gold, 18 karat rose gold, red magnesium, black magnesium or a platinum bezel.   All watches have a rubber band.  The Quenttin is water resistant to 30 meters (100 feet) and has a two-year warranty.  It should be noted that Jacob & Co.’s The Quenttin is limited and the company offers only 99 pieces in the white gold and 18 pieces in the black and the red magnesium.  The platinum is available only on request.

Certainly wearing The Quenttin will display one’s exclusive taste; but, one would have to come up with at least $ 300,000 to do so!

Visit all models of the Quenttin at Jacob & Co.’s official cite:

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