The Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon Watch

17 Mar

If you have been lucky enough to experience one of Thomas Prescher’s amazing pieces, his latest, the Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon Watch, will not disappoint you.  For those not acquainted with this incredible artisan’s work, a close look at this extraordinary watch will simply amaze you. 

The ingenuity of the watch is that it displays only the tourbillon while all else is cleverly hidden.  That is, it is impossible to tell how the watch adjusts the time and date because all mechanisms associated to the actual movement of the watch, except the tourbillon, is concealed within the casing. 

Mr. Prescher displays the hours on a left revolving cylinder and the minutes on a right revolving cylinder.  A silver ball sits between the two rotating cylinders, cleverly giving the watch a balancing appearance.  In keeping with the fine lines of symmetry and balance, two crowns lie on the right and left side of the watch– one for winding and one for setting the watch.

Located at the base and suspended between the two sides of the watch, is a bar that displays the month and the date.  The bar winds automatically and because it is weighted, one can always see the month and day—whether viewing the watch from either the back or the front.

The focal point of the watch, the double-axis tourbillon, is displayed in the center of the watch.  It is debatable whether a tourbillon adds precision to a watch; and for many, a tourbillon is a mere novelty!  Nevertheless, there is no question that the Prescher tourbillons display the artisan’s incredible talent. The tourbillon in the Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon Watch is suspended midway across the watch from the left side.  By placing the tourbillon in the center of the watch, Mr. Prescher focuses the viewer on the brilliance of his latest creation. 

The display shown here is merely a model and therefore has only mineral glasses.  The final watch is expected to be encased in antireflection sapphire casing, which means there will be no streaks from any viewing vantage point!


Visit Thomas Prescher’s official website here:

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